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Fortress will drive safety excellence, keep employees safe, productive, involved and informed.

Fortress HSE Pro is a cloud-based safety software created by a team of proven safety professionals. Each member of our respected staff brings more than 25 years of expertise, knowledge and problem-solving solutions to companies of all sizes and industries.

Our software is designed to audit electronically in the field with real-time representation and accuracy. With Fortress's advanced safety logic all audited information is collected, stored, evaluated and assign a safe working factor immediately available for review. Fortress's integrated dashboard module allows immediate access to vital safety performance indicators and tracks trends at a glance. This analysis assists companies with risk reduction, safety autonomy, regulatory compliance and improve business performance across departments, regions and the globe.

Let Fortress help revitalize your commitment to safety. Setup an appointment today and discuss your free trial and see how Fortress HSE Pro can instantly add value to your company's overall safety goals and growth.